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New luxury hotel for cats near Prague with 24 hour video surveillance.

Cat paradise with 24h
video surveillance

for your peace of mind

Here you can follow what is happening in our hotel 24 hours a day.

CatInn, the hotel for cats, is located in a separate part of a family house in the village Dolní Jirčany. The cats were given a spacious room with the rooms with a garden view. The hotel is a part of our house, so your cat will be always in touch with anyone who would be ready to caress them instead of you.

At our place we pay attention to the free move of the cats. Beacause of that we have mostly cages without the bars (but of course, in the case of need we can put the bars on). Every cage is equiped with a few bowls, lair and WC.

Feeding is adapted to what is your cat used to. On our menu there is granlated fodder but also the cat food pockets from various producers. After agreement we can prepare for your cat the food, it is used to… mainly milk, cheese or even meat.

All of the hotel area, including the cages and toilets, is kept in maximal hygiene conditions every day. The hotel is also equipted with the large variety of toys that all cats do love so much.

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of acceptance

  • Cat must be in good health conditions
  • Cat must be dewormed and deparazitezed properly
  • Tomcats older then 8 months must be castrated
  • Kitties are accepted from the age of 3 months

Please, bring us valid vaccination card. Without this document we cannost accomodate your cat in our hotel.

Valid vaccination card – tricombination/rhinotrachetidis, kalciviroses, pnaleukopenia. The vaccination cannot be older than 1 year and also cannot be shorter than 1 week.

price list

Cat190 CZK / day1 cat, feeding included
Cat170 CZK / day1 cat, own feeding brought to our place
Cat140 CZK / day2 cat, owned by one person, feeding included
Cat130 CZK / day 2 cat, owned by one person, own feeding brought to our place
  • The price is counted with every started day.
  • We would like to get a deposit of 50 % of the final price in 3 days from making a reservation. We accept the surcharge at the end of the accomondation.
  • STORNO conditions – the deposit is not returnable in the case of cancelling the reservation later than 7 days before the accomodation.
  • Bank account: Variable symbol is your phone number in the basic form: 777 777 777 – without the gaps

Check In / Check Out


Contact Person

Send the filled in form and we will contact you in the following 24 hours if your reservation is possible. Then we will send you the payment instructions in an email.


Monday – Friday 8:00–10:00 and 17:00–18:30
Saturday 9:00 – 10:00
Sunday 17: 00 – 18: 30


The reason of check in/check out rules is mainly the comfort of yet accommodated cats. In the remaining time we have to run the casual service of the hotel, tidying up and catering.

Individual times can be arranged for an additional fee of CZK 200.
In case of handing over or picking up the cat before 8:00 and after 20:00, there is an extra surcharge of CZK 200.

On public holidays, the opening hours are the same as on Sundays.
At Christmas we do not do check in nor check out from 24. till 26. December.